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  • If it were possible, I couldn’t give her a higher recommendation. Sara is absolutely amazing at helping people and helping them get a fresh start. She’s extremely thorough, is always prepared and has YOU prepared before the creditor’s meeting or any other meeting while other attorneys are scrambling with their clients still gathering information five minutes before show time. She is available to you until everything is completed and as a matter of fact, I ran a question by her a couple of weeks ago, years after the bankruptcy was settled and she responded the same day! - J.L., Boulder
  • Sara… I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for everything that you did for my kids and myself. You truly are a great person and I am glad to have gotten to know you. Kind of stinky that it was through these circumstances but nevertheless I am grateful… I made a new friend and don’t want to lose touch. Thank you again so much!!! Keep up the GREAT work. -T.D., Arvada
  • Your help has given us a chance at life again, I think the benefits outweigh the repercussions. -D.D., Longmont
  • I have to tell you how grateful I am for the way you handled my Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You were understanding, but never compromising on professionalism. I can tell you that I interviewed a number of bankruptcy attorneys before I, thankfully, found you. Every one of them made themselves out to be the “savior” that a “loser” like me needed. I was looking for professional compassion, and I found those qualities in you. You were always patient with me, no matter how many questions I asked. No question was ever beneath you, questions that I know would have led to belittlement had I chosen one of your competitors. While you succeeded in making the arduous process of bankruptcy understandable, in the end, it’s all about results...and I never doubted that you would deliver. Again, thank you. - E.U., Longmont
  • I just referred a colleague, [name withheld], to you. She was confiding some of her personal situation to me, and asked what I know about bankruptcy. I let her know that [my spouse] and I had gone through the process, that it was the best thing that we could have done, and that her best bet was to speak with you because of your awesomeness. -J.L., Longmont
  • [My spouse] and I would like to give our heart felt thanks to you and your proficient abilities in helping us and representing us in our bankruptcy case. You were patient, helpful, informative and considerate in our dire situation; your knowledge was indispensable, and greatly appreciated. I would recommend highly your abilities to anyone in need of your services. -B.B. and D.B., Longmont
  • Amazing bankruptcy attorney! I didn't know where else to turn, and a friend of mine recommended Sara Lewis. Great experience, I gave her all of my details during the intake process, and she worked with me to address all of my needs. After filing I can now get on with my life, and start building again. I'm a little wiser this time around, and if I ever need help, I now have an attorney I trust! -C.W., Denver
  • I called Sara not knowing very much about Bankruptcy. She helped me every step of the way. I had a lot of questions and she took the time to go through each of them with me. Her communication was great. If I called her she would always answer or call me right back. She worked around my schedule when we set up appointments. The entire process did not take very long at all. She is very organized and let's you know what is going on and what to expect every step of the way. Sara was great from start to finish. I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer! -M.M., Aurora
  • I hired Sara to be my attorney when I knew bankruptcy was one of the last options that I had, due to a new business that was started and mounting credit card debt. I was nervous, anxious, and quite frankly, terrified about the entire ordeal, as bankruptcy is certainly not a pleasant experience. However, after going through the process, I have to say that having a conscientious, knowledgeable attorney can lessen the more unpleasant, and unexpected aspects of getting through this process. Sara prepared my case well in advance of my court date; asked questions and collected the necessary information to ensure that my case was ready. She was always incredibly responsive and prompt when I had a question, and was quick to put any fears/apprehension I had at ease. On the date of my hearing, as I was waiting in the "waiting room" I was surprised by the number of attorneys/clients who were going over paperwork/questions that Sara and I had gone over weeks ago, Sara had prepared me and my case well ahead of time. As I sat in the room listening to the trustee go over other cases, again I was shocked to see that he was asking the other cases for more information/documentation as they were not properly prepared. when we were finally called, the Trustee looked through the paperwork and asked us a couple of questions to verify information and that was it. I can honestly say that having Sara, a trustworthy and knowledgeable attorney, made all the difference in the world for my bankruptcy case. I would highly recommend Sara if you are considering bankruptcy. -A.C., Littleton
  • She's the best. Not only very efficient, but informative, personable and knowledgable about what needed to be accomplished and when. Even when the clerk and trustee were less than cooperative over the issue of email delivery, Sara maintained her composure and did not let the scene become confrontational. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of her services. -R.G., Denver
  • Sara helped me with my bankruptcy in 2011. She took the time to listen to my situation, asked questions to narrow down the specifics that were unique to my case, she offered options as well as recommendations on the best path to move forward, she explained the entire process, the possible and likely results, and promptly answered every question I had. Sara walked me through the entire process, was with me at the hearing and really took care of everything. Sara ensured that the process was seamless for me and not a single bump was encountered on the way. For anyone even thinking of filing bankruptcy, I strongly recommend Sara for her top notch professionalism and work ethic. -M.E., Centennial

Our clients come from all walks of life, from the chronically indigent to the well-to-do who suffered a life-altering catastrophe.